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“G” is for “Ghost Stories”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge) Do you remember telling ghost stories at Summer Camp by the campfire? Do you remember how fun it was to try to tell the scariest one you could think of, just to freak people out? Well, for our family, we were really good at ghost stories because they were really happening … Continue reading

Who was your first crush?

Today is my daughter’s 11th birthday.  Before I woke her up this morning, I looked around her room and smiled because she is still my little girl.  On the walls in her room, are Hawaiian flowers and poke-a-dots with teddy bears, her snow globe collection, a porcelain doll and a collection of the “Dork Diary” … Continue reading


Have you ever looked back in your life and thought about all the stupid things you did when you were little and wondered…how did we survive and live this long? When we were younger and living in Alaska, Ketchikan got a lot of snow during the winter.  One winter afternoon, my sister who was 8 … Continue reading

Ketchikan Wind

My earliest memories of Ketchikan, Alaska were when I was about 6 0r 7 years old.  My dad was stationed there after his assignment was done in Seward, Alaska.  We lived in the Tongass Towers apartments, which was on the main street of the city.  At the time, it was painted green with green trim.  … Continue reading

Some of My Earliest Memories of Alaska

Some people say that they don’t have any memories from when they were little… I’m not one of those people.  My earliest memories are from when I was 4 years old.  We were living in Seward, Alaska.  My dad was stationed there in the Coast Guard and my mom was pregnant with my little sister.  … Continue reading

Missing Alaska

As I sit here in my John Deere cap, with my ponytail hanging through the loop in the back, watching “Bizarre Foods” the Alaska episode, I find myself  missing Alaska.  Which (honestly) I thought would ever happen.  I grew up most of my life in Ketchikan, Alaska.  When I say I grew up in Alaska, … Continue reading