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89 Days

(Daily Prompt: Goals)   When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all? I am a novice blogger.  I started this blog on March 8th of this year, 89 days ago.  When I started, I really didn’t know what I was doing only that I … Continue reading

Am I an Entrepreneur?

For the last week, we planned, executed and recovered from hosting and organizing a kids and family conference.  It was all worth the work and sleepless nights.  It was an amazing weekend!  That said, I have been slowly trying to get back into the groove of writing and blogging again.  As well as, recovering from … Continue reading

Day 43…The View from Here

(Day 43 Synopsis~White Rabbit Project; A-Z April Blogging Challenge) On March 13th, I started a personal project called the White Rabbit Project. I wondered if I could find my passion or passions in life and make them part of my life in 365 days. Today is day 43 out of 365 days. While thinking about … Continue reading

Day 16…”All or Nothing” That’s Me!

Today, I’m fighting a head cold.  As I’m sitting here typing, my head is foggy. I have sinus pressure and can barely sit upright but despite feeling like this, it doesn’t seem to stop my head from wondering.  Which makes me feel like I have to get it written out.  Honestly, I’m asking myself  “Why … Continue reading

Day 13…Why do you blog?

With my iced coffee in hand and my breakfast of cold chicken, cheese and fruit by my side, I sit here at my computer thinking about what are the next steps for the “White Rabbit Project.”  Where to go from here?  Now that I’ve found my passion for writing, what would it look like if … Continue reading

Day 10…Was it My Dream?

Day 10 of 365 days of the White Rabbit Project I think that part of the key to finding passion is defining what that word means to you and how it feels to you.  For me, passion is that feeling of happiness and joy, an overwhelming desire to master the thing I am passionate about … Continue reading

Day 8…Read…reread…and read again

I started blogging on the 8th of this month, one week ago I started my WR project and looking back, I can truly say that I am pleasantly surprised and excited for what’s ahead. I started blogging not knowing what to expect. I wasn’t confident starting something with no experience, in a world that seems … Continue reading

My Morning in “Wonder” land

As I’m sitting here at my computer, trying to chug down my coffee, eat my breakfast and get ready to go into the office, I started to wonder about the last couple of days, this blog and the journey I’m on to find my passion.  I wondered, once you find what your passions are or … Continue reading

Day 3

Day 3 out of 365 days of finding my passion.  It was another busy day but this time filled with the emotional stuff that mom’s go through when their children say things like, “What’s that smell? Is that dinner?”  Then their husband saying things like, “Why are you having such a bad day?  You’re not … Continue reading

Day 2

I was busy again all day yesterday. Since my children had the day off from school, we spent it together. We mainly stayed home but it was a good time, relaxing with my family is always a good thing. As I laid down late last night before falling asleep, I came up with a couple … Continue reading

Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of 365 days to finding my passion. Unfortunately, I was busy most of the day.  I started working for my husband, as the office manager the day before so I busy re-organizing the existing files and developing systems to keep things running more efficiently for most of day.  Then it was … Continue reading

White Rabbit

Fender: “You know, Rodney, even though you had a discouraging day, remember, (cheerful) there’s another one coming tomorrow.” ~ Robots, the movie (2005). I love that movie with all its’ quirky dialog. Today, wasn’t exactly discouraging but it was definitely interesting.  I am starting a part time job working for my husband in the office.  … Continue reading