It’s Been So Long…


It has been over a year and a half since I’ve written. I wish I could say that I was travelling the world or something absolutely amazing. Instead during those months, I lost my dad, battled breast cancer, moved from our home, got a new job and now I’m recovering from a traumatic brain injury. For a short while, I had slurred speech and I had problems articulating words. I still have short-term memory loss, frontal lobe issues and problems with dizziness and blurred vision.  I couldn’t even type without getting nauseated or dizzy so I am definitely better but the weirdest things have happened to me since my head injury.  For instance, I started painting old furniture with chalk paints and scenic pictures with acrylic paint. Which is a bit ironic because before my injury I didn’t like old furniture or antiques and I hated painting. I hated the smell of paint, how long it took to finish painting and I definitely hated the “little” details. Another example would be how I used to love eggs.  I loved them boiled…scrambled but my favorite eggs were over easy, on top of rice because it reminded me of my dad but now since my injury, I can’t eat them.  I don’t like the smell of them, the texture or the taste of them. No Sam I Am, I do not like green, yellow, chicken or any other egg, Sam I Am.

We think we have control but we really don’t, our brains control everything.  How we talk, who we are, how we see the world.

I am watching “The Lunchbox” which if you have never seen the movie, you know it’s all subtitled. I love the way our brains work.  How if you are watching a movie in subtitles, eventually our mind no longer seems to read the words.

So, my life and writing is taking another turn but let’s see where it will lead. I don’t know how my writing will come out or if any of it will make sense but I want to try.

Photo found on: Inspire Painting


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