Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says…

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Signs can convey a message in one instant.  How you feel in that instant, will decide how you’ll respond to that sign and what it’s saying.  Take for instance, the sign in front of Voodoo Donuts in Portland, Oregon.  We in the Northwest have come to know it as a signal that sweet and decadent goodness is just a line away.  I see that sign and I automatically can see and taste their bacon maple bar.  My mouth begins to water and I can see it in my mind.  Yum!  Some days it’s a delightful sight and some days, not so much.  Like today because I’m on a strict diet and sugar is a big no-no, that sign has just became a thorn in my side and I can’t stand to see it because I can’t have my favorite treat the…bacon…maple…bar!

Some signs you never want to see but at the same time it’s something to celebrate.  For us, that would be this sign.


When I see it, a huge rush of memories come into my mind, both of happiness and apprehension but that sign alone ultimately reminds us (our family) about the miracles that God has done for our family.  Our oldest son had a complete bone marrow transplant December 28th, 2009.  He’s been blessed by God to have not just one of his sisters be a complete bone marrow match but both of his younger sisters were 99% matches for him, a miracle.  Not only were they matches for him but they are completely identical genetically but they are born 14 months apart and look totally different from one another, second miracle.

When “Transplant Day” came, this sign was on his door, marking the day.  It was bitter-sweet.  Today he is totally leukemia free and growing up normally like any other teen age boy, miracle number three.  We celebrate his natural birthday in April and his Bone Marrow Birthday in December.  By bone marrow transplant standards he is only 4 years old.  Well, his immune system is only 4 years old even though he is physically 16 years old.  To this day, it’s hard to go through my memories of those years of fighting for his life but I needed to share what that sign means to me and my family because that sign signaled the beginning of a great new chapter of our family’s life together.  We thank God for every day.

Even now, I’m struggling to find words because it’s still very difficult for me to think about those years.  So for now, I will leave you with this one thought:

Signs are amazing…they can say so many things in one moment.  What sign does that for you?

(Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says…)


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