The Journey: Daily Prompt

We often think of journeys as the ones we take away from or to somewhere.  Sometimes, they’re the parts of our lives where we’ve journeyed from one event to another.  The journeys sometime change who we are or they just become a part of our memory landscape but every journey becomes part of our greatest journey, which is life.  From the moment we’re conceived to the moment we return home, we are on the journey of life itself.

We take our journeys apart and yet we are taking together.   There are some yet to come into this journey and some who have been on this journey for a while, going before us paving our way.  We may meet (you and I) and we may not, but we are all here taking part on the journey of life during this moment in time.  We are taking it together.

In our journeys, we will meet different people, be in different places, have different situations and different events.  Each one of these things changing who we are and will become at the end of our journeys.  How we react to the people, places, situations and events will vastly vary from person to person based on what we’ve already experienced on our journeys.  Some of us have learned to push through adversity and become stronger in the end.  Some of us take a totally different path.  Some of us seem to have gotten “all the breaks” while other seemed to have the world always “crashing down” on them.  How we interpret our journey is different for each of us.

Some of us had good mentors along the way, that helped guide us past danger and through the issues of life.  Some of us had to find our own way in what seemed like dark and lonely passages.  Although we may not have control over our lives, what happens to us, what is for sure is that we have control over how we react to them and how we will come through them.  Shaping us into who we will be at the end of our journey.  If  there was anything that I’ve learned so far that I would pass along to anyone listening it is this, I have learned that I have control over how I allow the things in life affect me.  I may not have chosen the situation or chose to take part in a life altering event but I…you have ultimate control of how it will affect you.  No one else can affect the way you see it, feel it and fight through it.  It’s your choice.

As we continue down our paths and journeys of life, I pray that you have peace, joy and laughter in all situations and that in the end, you will live without regrets, knowing that you are loved.

Spring 2012 013 Photo by Elli

(The Daily Prompt: Journey)


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