Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

Escape is defined in the dictionary as a verb meaning to slip or get away, as from confinement or restraint; to gain or regain liberty.

In today’s world of fast paced work and constant busyness, escape to me means to “slip or get away” from the chaos of society, the pressures of work or school, the drama of co-workers and the pressures of life everyday.


For me, the greatest escapes and most beneficial escapes are the small escapes we can take each day…in order to survive in our hectic and busy lives.  It’s taking a nice quiet walk along the waterfront, listening to the water, enjoying the warmth of the sun and allowing my mind to wander in my own thoughts.  It’s  jetting off in a boat across the water and going as fast as possible on the open sea…leaving all my worries on the land and taking out my adrenaline on the water.  It’s getting away with my husband for a night out to enjoy our favorite foods, talking and forgetting about the stress of the day.  It’s taking bubble baths and reading a good book.  It’s eating donuts and watching a mindless chic flick.

293785_10201363916324040_283228812_n 969055_10201363917564071_888637178_n941505_10201363915844028_734400731_n 575569_10201363923164211_725366853_n  946714_10201363920284139_275677690_n944286_10201363914924005_1353023428_nbubble-bath

How do you escape everyday?  If you don’t…you should.

(Weekly Photo Challenge: Escapes)

Photos by Elli M.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

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    • We love being in and around the ocean. It’s so beautiful, powerful and absolutely calms the heart! That’s why we live here by so much water.

      I hope you having an amazing weekend too! Thanks for coming by 🙂

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