“Frickin’ Button”

Today I decided that Thursdays would be “Kid Story” day.  I’ll be sharing funny little true stories about my adventures with my kids.

Today’s story is “The Frickin’ Button.”

One day we were waiting for the ferry to cross the Puget Sound into Seattle.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining through all the windows and it was getting hot inside the car.  My daughters were having a heyday rolling up and down the windows so I decided to lock the window control.  That way they we could keep the windows down and keep a small breeze going through the car, without the girls rolling the windows up and down…up and down…up and down.  I began to relax and people watch.  The ferry terminal is a great place to just sit and watch people.  Then I begin to notice that I’m getting irritated again.  I can hear someone pushing a button…click…click…click.  I finally say, “Stop hitting the frickin’ button!”

My littlest girl says as matter of fact as a 3-year-old could be, “Which one is the frickin’ button?”

There was silence and then we all started laughing.


By the way, I did explain to her that although mommy used that word (and that’s the word I used “frickin'” not the other one), she shouldn’t say that word.  To which she says, “I know…I know…grown ups have different words than kids.”  That all from a 3-year-old.

Have a great Thursday!


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