Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

DSCF0016 Spring 2012 011 Spring 2012 035

Patterns are not only visual and textual but we as humans create our own patterns in life. Patterns that help us get through each day from the moment we get up to the moment we go to sleep and then we start all over again. Patterns help us at home, at work, at school and even when we drive from one place to another. When we alter that pattern it can sometimes send us into chaos.

My son was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at the age of 8 years old. It sent our family into a world of the unknown and into the hands of God. Our son and entire family fought with him for 4 years. May 2009, he was officially in remission then in September that same year, he relapsed and we were sent back into the awful pattern that had become so familiar to our family of hospitals, needles, procedures and prayers. This time he needed a bone marrow transplant. Thanks to everyone at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, advances in medicine and the miracles of God, our son is now in remission and living a healthy life as a normal teen-age boy.

One pattern that our son has developed over those years is wearing bracelets on his left wrist. When he started putting bracelets on his wrists, we thought is was just because it was the latest fad but that wasn’t true. He was the only boy wearing multiple bracelets on his wrist. Then one day, his dad asked why he wore so many bracelets. At first, he didn’t know why and then he said, “I guess I feel more secure with them on. I think, I just got used to them. I wore a hospital bracelet for a long time.” His brain had formed a pattern and our son found a way to meet that pattern in his day-to-day normal life.

More stuff 016

What patterns have you formed in life to help you? Patterns are everywhere…

(The photos of the sand and beach were taken at the Oregon Coast during our annual family trip. It’s our time to celebrate and thank God for our family. It’s a pattern that I know will continue into the years ahead.)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Patterns

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  4. Love the footsprints on the sand. Every time I stare at those footsteps by the beach, I am reminded of my past, the things I went through, the people and inspirations that helped me go survive them.

    • Those were the footprints on my hubby. They remind me of the poem “Footprints in the Sand” and my favorite line when God says, “When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.” It got me through some hard times.

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