Through the Door…

She tried to put her key into the door but it wasn’t opening. Darn door…I told the landlord the lock was getting too worn. Now I can’t open it! Then she noticed that the lock was different and so was the door. She stepped back and looked at the address above the doorway. It’s the right house. What happened to the door? Darn landlord must have replaced the door. How am I going to get in now? She thought. She then grabbed the door knob to try the key once more. Just in case… the key still might fit. This time as she reached for the door knob and as her hand wrapped around the knob, she heard the door unlock and she heard “Print verified….welcome home.” The door then opened to reveal the hallway inside. What in the world! Why would the landlord put that kind of security system on the door? How could he afford it? He didn’t even have enough money to fix the toilet. She had to jiggle the handle to stop the toilet from running. What ever…

She was exhausted from her long day at work at the restaurant. Between the lunch rush and the huge family reunion that decided to eat out today, she was fried. I just want to sit down for one second. As she threw her keys into the basket that was on the narrow hallway table. The sound of the keys landing in the basket was so loud, it made her jump. Now you’re just being silly. She walked slowly through the hallway, rubbing her neck along the way. Behind her was one shoe and then the other shoe…then her red scarf. She was leaving a trail of clothing down the hall. I’ll pick it up later. She was now at the end of the hallway… she gripped the door knob and opened the door to the living room. Her eyes were still closed when she entered the room. She walked through the room without even opening her eyes…she had done it every night for years. She went to the side bar, opened a small bottle wine, poured herself a glass and headed towards the couch. As she laid down and finally put up her feet, she noticed something was different. This is not my couch. This is not my living room. Where am I? She stood up quickly and walked towards the door. This time when she opened the door that lead into the hallway, she could feel someone opening it from the other side of the door. She froze. She could feel her heart beating faster and faster. She couldn’t move. As the door opened, she could see a huge figure in the doorway. She jumped back but still couldn’t move.

“Madame…they’re ready for you.”

“What? Who?” She managed to ask.

“They’re ready for you in the press room.”

“I’m not dressed.” I’m still in my work clothes. What press room? What is he talking about?

“You look fine…but you may want to put these on.” As he handed her a pair of high-heeled black pumps.

She looked down at her feet and noticed that she wasn’t in her waitress uniform any longer…instead she had on a nicely fitted three-piece black dress suit. What in the world! How did…

“Madame President…it’s time to address the Nation.”

As he gestured for her to follow him, she heard from the television behind her “Today May 9th, 2053 will be marked in history forever.” 2053? No…it’s 2013. She thought to herself as she is being rushed into another room.

“The first woman President of the United States will now be sworn in…”

Can’t be…this can’t be! As the door, closes behind her.


(“Through the Door” ~DPChallenge)


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