“Y”…is for Men (Y Chromosome)

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

You probably already know that when God created us, we (humans) were given 23 chromosomes that make up our genetic blue print.  One of those is the chromosome that will decide whether we’ll be female “x” chromosome or male “y” chromosome.  That one chromosome will lay the foundation for our hormonal development and how we will develop physically in life.  Although, I can’t speak specifically to how that all breakdowns during our life time, I can only speak to the difference that I’ve observed throughout life.

There is the obvious differences between the two sexes.  Women tend to be (this is a generalization) smaller in bone structure, have subtle features, voice is higher pitch often softer (although not always) and are throughout our lives hormonally changing from puberty through pregnancy, childbirth and then in our older years.  This is thanks to the “x” chromosome that designates that we are women.  Men tend to be larger in bone structure, have more ability to build muscle mass (bulk up), have stronger and more defined features like a square jaw or “strong jaw”, have lower pitched voice that can project and is louder in volume.  Men tend to have more pronounced and defined overall body features and they are more hormonally stable than women as they are not made for childbearing or childbirth.

These features for us women, whether you as a woman believe it or like it, is a trigger for our desires that we don’t even know or realize happens from childhood.  Have you ever noticed that in a large majority of the animal kingdom, the male species is the more decorated (large antlers) or colorful (bright colors) of the species.  They are trying to attract female companions.  There is also the matter of smell, each of us have a pheromone that is emitted, unknowingly to attract other people of the opposite gender.  It is undetectable by smell but when our noses pick it up in the air, it sends a message to our brains that triggers other senses that makes us attracted to that person.

In men, those triggers can cause us to fall in love, become infatuated or attracted to a man or men.  For women, we develop a “type” of man that we are attracted to, which makes me wonder do those particular traits carry the same pheromones that causes us as humans to react?  For me, it has always been the tall (over 6 feet), blond or strawberry blond, blue or hazel eyes men.   Here is where I deviated a little, some were long-haired, had goatees and were slender built but I was equally attracted to the clean-cut “All-American boy next door” and that is who I married.

With my husband, (looking back) I can say this, all these factors I just spoke about came into play.  For some reason, I was hugely attracted to him after our first kiss.  (“How I Met Your Dad”)  Was that the pheromones that triggered the “falling in love/infatuation” emotions in me?  I say that because after that kiss, I really couldn’t let go of him as much as I tried.  His All-American looks was just the frosting on the cake or nail on the coffin depending on when I was looking at it.  He is still clean-cut, has large bone structure and muscle build, tall (Over 6 ft 3 inches) and has strong facial features.  What clenched it in the end was his kindness, his ability to make me feel like I was the only girl in the world, his charm and sense of humor (funny, slightly sarcastic with a bit of bite…like me).

I think that we often take for granted that we are all made uniquely.  Each one of us has our own desires and own characteristics that we are attracted to and attract others by.  Sometimes, I think our minds get in the way because we try to build someone into a person who doesn’t necessarily have those traits naturally.  I think sometimes, we try to force things into happening.  If nothing else, I hope you’ll think about that we are all uniquely made and it’s sometimes easier to give in to that than to try to make something happen.



2 thoughts on ““Y”…is for Men (Y Chromosome)

  1. For me, intelligence always plays a big factor in attraction, but maybe even a tad more than that is a man who is unique, who stands apart from the crowd.

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