Day 43…The View from Here

(Day 43 Synopsis~White Rabbit Project; A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

On March 13th, I started a personal project called the White Rabbit Project. I wondered if I could find my passion or passions in life and make them part of my life in 365 days. Today is day 43 out of 365 days. While thinking about what I’ve learned so far as a new blogger, writer and the instigator and subject of this project, I decided to share my “view” of things “from here” at 43 days.

First, I discovered that writing is one passion that I want to pursue and see what will happen at the end of 365 days. From there, I needed to find a goal to measure success at 365 days. From my post “Day 16…’All or Nothing’ That’s Me”, I decided on three goals:

  1. My first goal is to write daily on this blog for the 365 days. This will help me stay on track and give me a measurement of my commitment to writing.
  2. My second goal is to finish at least two (out of three) of my writing projects that I started almost a year and a half ago. This will push me to keep moving on projects and not lose momentum (I hope) or it could cause me to crash and burn.
  3. Another one of my goals is to publish one of my projects. I am still praying, researching and trying to get past the road blocks in my head, for me to commit to that goal. If that happens it will be on my goals for this project.

With those goals in mind, I decided to take part in the A-Z April Blogging Challenge to help keep me writing daily. I wasn’t sure what to expect but here is what I discovered. Not only did the challenge help drive me to write each day but it opened up my random, out the box thinking and helped more of my creative thoughts come through…some quirky and unconventional but that is definitely “me.” Although, my other writing topics have been on hold for 30 days while I finish this challenge, it has been worth it. By the way, if you’ve read my previous blogs, you know that I am an “All or Nothing” kind of girl, so I put a lot of my efforts into the challenge. Once its completed I will restart my other projects, it is only day 43 of 365 days.

Over the last 43 days, I’ve watched and learned. I learned that titles will draw people into your writing but if you don’t write from your heart and with passion, itโ€™ll show and you’ll lose the reader’s attention. I’ve learned that certain types of subjects that I write draw “hits” or “views” but not necessarily “likes” while other subjects that compel “likes” and “comments” don’t necessarily draw the crowds to view them. I’ve learned that pictures enhance short stories but aren’t necessary on longer writings because you want to provoke your reader’s imaginations. Although, in a blog a picture will help capture the attention of a reader so that they will look at your writing and read your piece.

And that is pretty much what I’ve learned and is my “view from here” at day 43 of the White Rabbit Project. As we finish the A-Z April Blogging Challenge, I am looking forward to the days ahead to see what else I’ll learn along the way but I will miss the creative (scheduled) outlet that the challenge brought for 30 days.



6 thoughts on “Day 43…The View from Here

  1. By the way, I am seeing a lot of challenges on wordpress, weekly photo challenge, daily topic etc. where do you find those?

    • I’m not sure…I found the A-Z Challenge through someone I follow and saw that they were participating. I think I’ve seen a few others but they weren’t something I could commit to yet. If I find one that looks interesting I’ll pass it along to you…if you’d like. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Thanks Jennifer…it has been a challenge for sure. I’ll be dropping by your blog and reading more. Thanks for stopping by today! Have fun with the rest of the challenge and I’ll be seeing you around the blog. ~E

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