One Pink Umbrella

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(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

This photo of one pink umbrella among a sea of black umbrellas, caught my eye because it’s so simple yet beautiful. All I could do was gaze at it, as my mind started thinking about what it meant. It’s simplicity makes it capable of speaking a thousands words. To you, it could mean one thing but to me it could mean something totally different…and tomorrow if you were to look at it again, it would probably mean something else to you or me. That is the beauty of pictures like this one. It’s simplicity and unassuming beauty lends itself to your imagination…to your emotion and to moment of the day.

For me today, this picture begs to ask this question…are we part of the darkness, the black umbrellas or are we the splash of color in the darkness?


6 thoughts on “One Pink Umbrella

  1. I am a splash of the other color, not black. I’m reminded Romans 8:38 and it is for this reason that I am not part of the black. I am Loved by the Most High! . . . oh, and you are too. Be blessed in all you do!

    • You’re right. There are times that the darkness seems so vast but I know that joy overcomes. And yes!….the pink color just is amazing among the black. Have a great day!

      Thanks for stopping by today!

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