Finding the “Quietness”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

If I think about being “quiet”, I automatically close my eyes and listen around me. Although, I’m quiet…I can hear my children playing and then my ears catch the sounds of the mail truck coming down our street. I can hear it stop at our mailbox, even though I can’t hear her open our mailbox I can see it happening in my mind’s eye, I hear the mail boxes close and the engine going into gear. I can hear the truck turning around and then go down the street, driving out of our neighborhood. I can hear the low murmur of our refrigerator, the ice maker dropping ice into the collection container then my ears find the dogs breathing underneath my feet. I’m quiet but the world around me is not. What would it be like if it was truly quiet? Can I find a place where I could sit in complete quietness? What would that be like? Do you remember when the last time you sat quietly and listen to the world around you? If you listened for the quietness, could you find it?

I actually tried to find it. I tried to find complete quietness. To find it, I drove to a park. I walked out into a field where there were no people or no one appeared too close. I laid on the grass, closed my eyes and listened. First, I felt the warmth of the sun on my face then I felt how cold the grass was between my fingers. I could feel the blades of grass moving back and forth with my hand. Then something interesting happened, I could see the grass in my mind and my hand moving over it. Then I focused and listened. The image immediately disappeared. When I started to focus on listening, I could hear the wind blowing over the trees. It was like a faint whistle and then it sounded like someone blowing or exhaling. I anticipated an inhale sound but it never came; I just kept hearing the constant blowing of the wind. Then I heard the leaves rustling in the wind, back and forth. I could hear water in the distance, like a water fountain or small stream flowing. I kept listening and then I started to think about the sounds and I could see the forest in my mind with the trees moving and a small stream beside it. It was beautiful. I laid there for what seemed for hours but I was only there for 20 minutes before I started to hear people coming towards me and dogs running…straight for me. I sat up quickly before they could pounce on me. All of sudden, two Golden Retrievers appeared next to me…wanting to say “Hi”. Their owners apologized, called them back and continued walking by me. I stood up to see if I could see where the water was coming from and next to one of the trees was a green hose with water flowing from it. If I closed my eyes, it was the same sound from the small stream in my mind’s eye. In my mind, I could still see the beautiful forest and stream flowing through it.

938254623 waterfall_streams__green__by_sparkvillage-d53n94q

If you tried to find the quietness…what would you hear, feel and see?

“It’s in the quietness of the day, that I thank God and listen for His still small voice.”~E


2 thoughts on “Finding the “Quietness”

  1. A reminder that I need to look for and cherish those quiet moments – it seems like my mind is always “going” and there is always background “noise” of some sort.

    Stopping by for the A-to-Z Challenge,

    • It was a good reminder for me too. I loved the journey in finding “quietness.” I hope you’ll find a little bit of silence in your day too…it’s a good thing. 🙂 Thanks Pati for coming by and commenting. See you around the challenge! Blessings~E

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