Priceless Moments

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

For a belated birthday gift, my closest friend treated me to a spa day. Although, she was there with me, I was able to get time to myself. So, I decided to sit in the outside soaking tub that they had at the McMenamins Grand Lodge. I go outside, the cool air feels good on my face. I step into the stone pool to relax. I find the seat underneath the bubbling water and sink deeper into the hot (102 degrees) water with a glass of red wine and a book beside me, for when I wanted to read. I get a whiff of an old familiar smell. The smell of wood burning in a fire pit. All of sudden, I’m smiling to myself as literally, a ton of memories come barreling into my mind. It felt like an old friend coming to visit. That’s when I decided to write about “Priceless Moments” in life. Those moments in life that are forever seared in your mind. Those moments that are “priceless” to you. They are the moments that are held closest to your heart and brings you not only joy but a deep feeling of contentment that you can’t explain. The kind of moment, that if we were in a movie, it would be the scene that’s blurred with a soft haze because it’s meant to invoke the greatest emotion. That kind of moment is what I define as a “priceless moments.”

Are you still not sure what I mean by “priceless moments?” Here are some of my “priceless moments” of my own to share: (You knew I was going to go there…right?)

The day that my son was born, I had been in labor for 19 hours and had actually fallen asleep after the epidural. I was so tired, they had to wake me up so that I could start pushing with my contractions. My future husband (want to know more read the “How I Met Your Dad” series) had to go back to work because he was on-call, so one of my best friends stayed with me through the night and was there for my delivery. When he finally was born, I got to meet the one life that would change mine forever. He looked just like his daddy and I knew then that my life would never be the same


On Christmas Eve, we were cooking dinner and wrapping gifts for the next day. We were dressed in sweats and barefoot on the carpet with gifts and wrappers everywhere. I had gotten up to get more paper and when I got back, he was on his knees by the Christmas tree. He said, “I was going to do this at the restaurant tomorrow but this seems like a better time. So, I want to give you your Christmas gift now and ask you if you will be my wife.” I was speechless but I managed to nod “yes.”

On our wedding day, as we said our vows, the sun was beginning to shine at its highest peak of the day. Although, it was bright outside, inside it was giving a soft iridescent light on all of us. When I looked into his eyes, he began to tear up, as tears flowed down my cheeks. It was one of the most amazing, joyful and peaceful time of my life. At last, I felt whole again.

We had tried so hard for another baby but after two miscarriages, one of them being the loss of twin boys, we were starting to think that maybe God had other plans. We had prayed and prayed for another baby of our own but decided that we should look into adoption and maybe infertility clinics. Then one day after a routine check up, I got a call from the clinic…they got our doctor on the line and she said, “Congratulations! You’re pregnant.” This time, we knew that this baby was ours and we had our daughter 9 months later.

The doctor said that it would be hard for us to have anymore children because of my age so we thought nothing more about it. We had our son and now a daughter, we were complete. Our daughter was just turning 8 months old, when one day, my husband says to me that he thought my hips were getting wider again and that I should take a pregnancy test. I was not happy about how he said it so I was set on proving him wrong. I took the test and…we were pregnant again. We had our youngest daughter 14 months after the birth of our second child. We were now a family of five and now we knew that we were complete.

One day while I was holding my daughter (the older of the two), my son started playing with her. She was only 3 months old so she really hadn’t laughed or giggled yet but when my son played with her, she giggled with such joy. It was so beautiful and amazing. Then the same thing happened to our youngest daughter when she was about the same age. She had not yet laughed or giggled but when her brother played with her, he could get her to giggle and giggle and giggle. We knew that our children were forever connected and special to one another…even to this day.

Watching my children play with one another, still laughing and giggling just like when they were younger (even though they are now 16, 11 and 10 years old) …their older brother playing with his younger sisters and making them giggle just like he always has and then watching my husband laugh and play with them..laughing just as hard as they are…priceless.

These are the moments that are priceless to me and I give thanks to God for each day. What are your “Priceless Moments”?

(Please watch this inspirational video…it’s amazing)


4 thoughts on “Priceless Moments

    • I hope the same for you. Thanks for coming by today, “liking” and “commenting” on my post. I’ve been reading your blog…I like the series you have started. See you around the blog~E

    • Thanks Sarah. Life can get too busy sometimes to just really just sit and think. Thank you for coming by, “liking” and commenting today. I like your blog. I’ll be reading more when I can. See you around the blog.~E ps I hope you’re enjoying the A-Z April Challenge as much as I have. 🙂

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