“O” “Oh No You Didn’t!”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

“Oh No You Didn’t!” She says with one hand on her hip, the other hand snapping twice in the air while waving her arm in a “z.”

“Oh No You Didn’t” is something that we say in our family that makes us laugh at home but I use it a lot…in my head…in the day-to-day situations that still surprise me. I use it mostly when people are rude, tactless and oblivious of other people around them. So, I thought I’d share a few of those moments for today’s challenge and hopefully bring some fun to your Wednesday.

Let’s get started!

“Oh No You Didn’t” just eat the last piece of chocolate cake…that clearly had a note on it saying “saved for E.”

“Oh No You Didn’t” just walk on the floor that I just mopped with your wet muddy boots…and the mop is still clearly in my hands.

“Oh No You Didn’t” just tell me the ending of the book that I just read for 3 days and only have one chapter to go.

“Oh No You Didn’t” just run and cut in front of all of us in line at Starbucks, just to take your time and then change your order 10 times before you finally deciding on an Americano.

“Oh No You Didn’t” just sit down in my seat that clearly has my coat and drink sitting there…trying to pick up on my husband.

“Oh No You Didn’t” just roll into the parking spot that I was patiently waiting for…while in my head, I’m also thinking, if I really wanted to I could run my Hummer over your Bug and pick it out of the grill later after shopping.


“Oh No You Didn’t” come uninvited to our wedding rehearsal dinner, wearing that tight leopard dress.

“Oh No You Didn’t” come to our wedding, uninvited in that tight black dress with your cousin and give me a Kitchenaid mixer for a wedding gift.

The last two, are my all time favorite moments because my best friends were the ones who said “Oh No You Didn’t” at my dress rehearsal and wedding day…making me laugh so hard. They never walked up to her and said it to her face but it was their way of saying, I can’t believe she (one of my husband’s previous girls) had the audacity to actually come to both events uninvited and dress inappropriately. That takes a lot of gall or stupidity…either way it was interesting.



4 thoughts on ““O” “Oh No You Didn’t!”

    • Thanks? It’s the randomness of my mind and my life coming out on paper. Thanks for coming by today. Hoping you have a VMM (Venti Mocha Moment) Day.~E

    • Hey Danielle,

      It is great vehicle…not environmentally friendly but it’s a go anywhere car. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I like your blog and will be following along. See you around the blog!~E Btw, happy anniversary! 🙂

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