“Licensed to Kill”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge) This dedicated to my girls who wanted me to write on Linseed to Kill because it’s more intriguing.

I know that when most movie buffs hear “Licensed to Kill”, they think of the James Bond movie released in 1989, starring Timothy Dalton as 007. For me, Timothy Dalton was not James Bond. Truthfully, I think there are only two actors who really portrayed 007 the best. They are Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. Let’s face it Sean Connery was 007. Anyone who played James Bond after him, had tough shoes to fill. He is one of the few men, that I can think of, who has remained just as suave and masculine even with age. He is also just as handsome now as he was then…in my opinion.

Sean-Connery-Close-Up Sean-Connery

Daniel Craig brought back 007’s charm and intelligence that James Bond should exude, along with his rugged face and alluring smile. It doesn’t hurt that Daniel Craig also has amazing blue eyes.

.daniel-craig-5 daniel_craig1

Really when someone mentions “License to Kill”, I think of men that have the same persona as 007. Someone who is smart, cunning, inventive, handsome and charming. That said, if you ask me what other men I think fits the “License to Kill” persona…I’d say Johnny Depp, Robert Redford and my husband (of course).


They’re “Licensed to Kill” just by looks and charm alone.


6 thoughts on ““Licensed to Kill”

  1. Daniel Craig is definetely good looking, but how can anyone replace the charisma of Sean Connery? 🙂 And that accent … so … attractive. However, I like Daniel Craig … just want him to smile a little more.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

    • So true! Sean Connery’s accent is irresistible. Does Daniel Craig not smile? I get lost in the eyes…maybe I should pay more attention to find out myself. Thank you for stopping by, “liking” and commenting. I was just checking out your blog. I can’t wait to read more. See you around the blog! Blessings~E

  2. I will agree about Sean Connery as the only Bond I can identify with so well. A small correction though, Timothy Dalton was James Bond in License to Kill and The Living Daylights.

    • Sean Connery was the best one. And thank you for that correction. You are right…I didn’t catch it. I’ll fix it though (it won’t effect content). Timothy Dalton definitely was not one of my favorite Bond. 🙂

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