“Killin Me Smalls”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge; How I Met Your Dad)

For the letter “K”, I am combining the A-Z Challenge and How I Met your Dad because I love that quote from the movie “the Sandlot”. Have you ever had one of those months or years when it seemed like your motto should have been from a movie? For me “You’re Killin Me Smalls” was the 1996.

Over the next several months, I was able to forget about his voice, his face, his touch. Then the week before the 4th of July, as I was leaving and just about to close the door, the phone rang. I was on my way out to meet some friends for an early dinner. Thinking it was one of them, I ran to pick up the phone. “I’m on my way!” It wasn’t my friends. Hearing his voice, brought everything I tried so hard to forget, rushing back and I could feel my heart falling into the pit of my stomach. Why are you calling? Why now! The next thing I knew, I was laughing and smiling ear to ear just talking to him. Then reality set in, I needed to get going. Now, I was really late! I had to go but I didn’t want to hang up…but if I didn’t go now, I would never hear the end of it from my friends. As it was, they were going to tease me but good for being so late! Before hanging up, we agreed to see “Independence Day” on opening day at the midnight first showing. After we said good-bye, I ran out the door. I got into my car and started driving to the restaurant in Kirkland about 20 minutes away from my apartment. Why did he call now? And why did I agree to see him again? I decided to chalk it up to being caught off guard and being rushed but deep down inside I knew that I was just kidding myself. I was hoping he would call…I just was trying ignore my self-torture from wondering when would he call again? The more terrifying question was…what if he never called again?


I met him at his apartment, as was the routine in the past. He drove to the theater. There was a line forming when we arrived. We were about six couples deep but by the time the theater opened , the line wound around the corner and down the street to the next block. When we got seated with our popcorn and pop in hand, he grabbed for my hand and there it was again! The tingling in my lower back started and then it shot up and down my spin. I could feel my face starting to get warm. If anyone could see my face, I know they’d see me blushing. What in the world is going on!

When “Independence Day” ended, it was 3:00 in the morning. We were both exhausted so I stayed at his apartment for the rest of the night. That morning, July 4th, I planned to drive to Portland to see my brothers for the weekend. So, I left early in the morning while he went to a “friend’s” Fourth of July barbecue. Three days later after I got home, I forgot about our usual “routine”. I tried to call him and page him. When he didn’t call back, I got that familiar distress feeling of rejection. What are you doing? Argh! You’re Killin Me Smalls! I grabbed my things, called my friends and met them at the mall for some shopping therapy. This time, I forgot about him quicker than usual. The month went whizzing by before I heard from him again.

I was at work when the phone rang. When I picked it up…I heard his voice. Here we go again! “You’re Killin Me Smalls!” This time I felt nauseated and dizzy. A friend was behind me when I turned and nearly fainted. She also happened to be the charge nurse for the day. She sent me to the clinic next door to get checked out, to be sure nothing was wrong. They took blood work and told me to wait. When the doctor came into the room, she had that look on her face. The one that doctors get when they have something to tell you but they aren’t sure how to say it. She sits down in the chair next to me and I knew what she was about to say, “We took a series of tests and one of them came back positive. You’re going to be a mom.” She hugged me…I started to cry.

Now what smalls?

(To be continued…)

Killin me smalls


6 thoughts on ““Killin Me Smalls”

    • Yeah! It’s a great quote! My husband and I use it all the time! Thanks for stopping by and commenting S.L. Hennessy. BTW, love your blog! See you around the blog!~E

    • Dad was interesting, to say the least. There’s more to the story that will unfold soon. Thank you so much for coming by today, “liking” and commenting on my posts. Bless you~E

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