“J” J-e-l-l-O

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

Every time I thought about today’s letter “j”, I kept hearing the jingle “J-E-L-L-O” running through my head. I remember eating Jell-O all throughout my childhood. In fact, my parents still buy Jell-O and bring packets of it to our house when they come to visit every summer for the kids. They’re stacked up on my top shelf of the pantry like bricks because I don’t make Jell-O anymore and I’ll tell you why in a moment. When I was young, I remember at every potluck there was always at least one if not more molds of Jell-O on the table. Not to mention, the multitude of Jell-O salads with marshmallows and fruit. Yuck! Sorry, if you like it and I just said that but do you know how they make Jell-O? (Here is the reason we don’t eat Jell-O)

If you look at a box of Jell-O brand gelatin. You’ll find the ingredients are typically sugar, gelatin, natural and artificial flavors, acids and colorings. Here is the surprise about Jell-O you probably don’t know, the gelatin is usually made from cattle bones and hides and pork skin, according to the Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America (GMIA) website. These parts are soaked in acid or lime. Then, they’re washed repeatedly before they are boiled to remove the gelatin. Gelatin has no odor, color or taste. It is what is activated after you add boiling water to Jell-O packets so when it’s cooled the Jell-O becomes solid. Since discovering that piece of information, I have not made Jell-O. I will admit to having a Jell-O shooter in college but that was before the faithful day in chemistry class when we learned about gelatin and Jell-O.

Unfortunately, I am finding all sorts of great recipes that is calling for packages of Jell-O like this one I found on Pinterest for Southern Style Strawberry Cake and Homemade Gummie Bears. I would love to try them but I can’t seem to get past the Jell-O thing. If you decide to try these recipes…maybe you can tell me how it goes.

That said, I did come up with some junk foods that I do like that start with ‘j’. So, I am going to leave you today with the list of “j” junk foods and a little video of commercials from 1982 that I found for your entertainment. (I hope you laugh as hard as I did).

As a girl, I liked eating Jelly Bellies, Jolly Ranchers, Cracker Jacks (we called them Jacks), Ju Ju Bees, Johnny Appleseeds (which were like Lemon-heads but green. They were super sour and left your tongue all green) and Jolt (which was a cola drink very popular in the 1980’s).



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