Today is brought to you by the Letter “i”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

While thinking about the letter “i” and what I could try to write…I realized that the letter “i” is used mostly in words that are adjectives or dynamic words like “imminent”.  Imminent is one of those words that means coming but it depicts a sense that what ever is coming, can’t be stopped.   So, for this post I am going to see how many “i” words I can fit and I’m going to let my head spin out on to paper (so to speak).   The ride begins in 3…2…1

Incredible is another one of those “i” words that depicts not just greatness but amazing!  The word “incredible” in the phrase “the incredible edible egg” meant it wasn’t just a food but it was a versatile and surprising an egg is because of what you could do with it.  In a way, you could almost see it wearing a cape.  I love the movie “The Incredibles”  by the way, I love Jack-Jack but Edna Mode is my favorite character of all time!  (It’s my favorite Disney Movie.)  The word “intelligence” not only means smart but to me it means like Albert Eisenstein smart.  The word “increasingly” not only means getting larger but it almost depicts a quick timing.  Where as getting bigger, to me, means it’s getting larger but it almost seems lazy or not as quick to get the job done.  “Insurmountable” is a word that means that something is too great to overcome: impossible to overcome or deal with successfully.  It’s almost a word that you couldn’t argue with, versus if you said “I can’t handle it”.  Wimpy!  Words like immense, impending and impassioned.  Impassioned is a strong word that means to arouse strong feelings in somebody or to spur action.  “Indulgence” depicts luxury, something you really love but can’t always have, that  feeling that you’re yielding to something you’ve wished for.  The word ‘idiot”, a word that I don’t like, not only depicts being not intelligent but dumb.  Never say it to a child.  When you say it almost pierces your heart.  The word “impart” means to communicate information or knowledge; it means to give something but more than that it’s a word that gives without seeming wanting anything back.  I love that word “impart.”  The word “ironic”, means deliberately stating the opposite of the truth, usually with the intention or result of being amusing; involving a surprising or apparently contradictory fact.  That is a great word because life is so ironic, that’s why we write and read about life.  It makes for a good read.  There are so many other great “i” words, like impact, intimate, imagine, iridescent, impact, international and infinite.  There is an amazing word.  Infinite is defined by the dictionary as without any finite or measurable limits; greater in number, size, or scope than any arbitrarily assigned value (World English Dictionary; North American Edition).  That is the word I will leave with…”infinite”.  When I ponder about that word, it is one of the many words that surpasses understanding and comprehension.  If something is infinite,  it has no end and almost everything we know, can touch and see here on earth has an end.  What does “having no end” look like…is the universe really infinite or does it have an end?  If does have an end, what begins after the end or the edge of the universe?

Something I’m going to think about while I become intimate with my immense and incredible cup of morning coffee.  Have an impressive and indulgent day!

the_incredibles_04 ednamode


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