“H” is for 47 Wishes

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)


“H” is for “Happy Birthday!” Today, I was born 47 years ago at 0632 AM in Long Beach California. (That’s right…I’m a California girl at heart!) All day, I’ve wondered what to write on and I just kept coming up with this question, “If I had 47 wishes for every year that I’m celebrating…what would I wish? Could I come up with 47 wishes?” So…we are going to find out. After all, it is my birthday.

Here is my birthday list, no particular order:

  1. I would wish for a Red Audi R8 because it’s a sleek-looking car.
  2. A 1961 Stingray Corvette because I love the look of a classic car like the Corvette. It reminds me of James Bond.
  3. A Yellow Camaro 2ss (Like Bumblebee in Transformers) because again it’s a good-looking, rugged car.
  4. Season tickets to the Sea Hawks because thanks to my husband, I now like going to football games.
  5. Season tickets to the Mariners because being at the ballpark is half the fun. I would want first row seats on the first base line, not the nosebleed section.
  6. Season tickets to the Ballet in the best balcony seats of the house.
  7. I would like to be able to travel America with my family in a RV or… maybe not…that might be too much. Then again it could be a blast!
  8. I want to travel with my family to Italy because I want to see all the beautiful places I’ve seen in pictures and taste true Italian cuisine.
  9. I want to travel with my family to Greece and see the ruins…and again taste Greek cuisine.
  10. I want to travel to Thailand because I hear that it’s beautiful. My friends who have gone say that it’s gorgeous and the food is awesome. (Are you seeing a theme here πŸ™‚
  11. I want to see Australia because I have friends from that country who tell me stories of home and I want to see those places with my family.
  12. I want to see New Zealand because it’s New Zealand and I haven’t been there.
  13. I want to see Fiji with my husband and enjoy the scenery, the sand, the blue water and sun!
  14. I would love to have a winter home in Hawaii because our fondest vacations have been in Hawaii and we live in one of the rainiest places on earth.
  15. I wish I could take my kids on a Disney Cruise because it looks like a blast and the kids can do things on their own while mom and dad relax.
  16. I would like to go to the 2016 Olympics in Rio because it would be a once in a life time experience.
  17. I would like all my bills paid off including mortgage because that would be the best present ever!
  18. I’d like to have a Benelli M2 18.5″ Syn GhosComft because I’d like to have a semi-automatic on hand for when Zombies became a real threat.
  19. I’d like to get good at skeet shooting again and win a competition because it’s fun and I like the competing.
  20. I would like to learn to Archery because the bows and arrows are so different from when I learned to shoot. (Remember, I grew up in Alaska. I’m a bit of a tom-boy.)
  21. I would wish for a shopping spree at Nordstrom, Macy, Banana Republic and Saks because I haven’t bought anything for me in a while. You know what I mean, right moms?
  22. On that shopping spree, I would like to buy a Michael Kors bag because I love his designs.
  23. I would like a spa weekend with my husband or with my closest girl friends because I always wanted to just spend the weekend being pampered with massages, facials and all sort of spa treatments.
  24. I would like to publish at least one book and have it be on the “Top Seller” list.
  25. I would wish for an Apple Computer because I don’t really like my HP and I like Apple products.
  26. I would wish that all my children’s college tuition is paid for and that they could go to the best college available for their careers (what ever those might be).
  27. I would like to continue my vocal lessons and have them paid for the year because I want to see if I can find that hidden voice in me…that my vocal coach says I have but I can’t seem to find.
  28. I would like to sing with an A Capella group because it looks like a blast and I miss singing.
  29. I would like to have a cello so that I can start playing again.
  30. I would like to have an electric cello because they look really awesome and light compared to the full wood string cello.
  31. I would like to audition and make it on to a symphony because I was so close when I was younger but life had different plans.
  32. I would like to achieve a six-pack abs because although I’ve been thin, very thin, I have never had six-pack abs.
  33. I would like to eat my favorite sushi, soft shell sushi at my favorite Japanese restaurant.
  34. I would like to go to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Seattle, Canlis and have Kobe steak because it is the best steak I’ve ever had! It melts in you mouth! It’s incredible!
  35. I would like to have Ahi nachos at Anthony’s Seafood Restaurant because I love the taste of the sweet and savory together. It’s addicting!
  36. I would like to go on a wine tour in Europe with my husband because we love to eat and taste wines together.
  37. I would wish that my kids would find their passions early in life and pursue them. That their passions would be what they do for the rest of their lives and that they wouldn’t get trapped in a job because I am just now rediscovering my passions.
  38. I wish that I discovered my passions sooner because I’m 47 years old and who knows where I would have gone if I had…not that I hate my life because I don’t. I praise God everyday for what He has given me and does for me everyday.
  39. I wish that my children would be happy and have joy all of their lives because it’s important to keep that despite what may happen in life.

Oh no! I’ve slowed down and technically I have 8 more to go. I may just end here with one last wish…number 40 is…is…a secret between me and God. And He already knows my wish.

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my birthday wishes. I didn’t make all 47 wishes but that’s okay…I feel 40 years old anyway. Have a great day! I plan on having a great birthday!


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    • Thank you precariOus! And thank you for stopping by, “liking” my post, commenting and the follow. I like your blog and look forward to reading more. God Bless~E

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