“G” is for “Ghost Stories”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

Dark Hallway

Do you remember telling ghost stories at Summer Camp by the campfire? Do you remember how fun it was to try to tell the scariest one you could think of, just to freak people out? Well, for our family, we were really good at ghost stories because they were really happening to us. This is one of those stories.

Our family moved from Massachusetts back to Alaska in the late 1970’s. We moved into a new home-built in a little private cul-de-sac. It was a small, three bedroom rambler with orange carpet, white walls and white speckled ceilings but it was ours. For most of our lives, we had been living in military housing so having the freedom to do what we wanted inside the house was a huge blessing, especially to my mom.

Six months after we moved into our new home strange things started happening. My three brothers had one room and my sister and I had the other room across from my parents master bedroom. One night, after the house had gone to sleep, I woke up because I felt like someone was watching me. When I opened my eyes, I saw my mom at my bedroom door. She looked in, as if she was checking to see if we were asleep and then she headed down the hall. I heard her going into the living room and sit on the couch (it was covered in plastic to protect it so you could hear it “crunch” when someone sat down). Then I heard the television turn on and I could see the light from the T.V. in the hallway. Since I was up already, I thought I would join her. I walked down the hallway towards the light and the living room. When I reached the living room, it was dark. I thought maybe my mom turned off the television because she heard me coming down the hall. I called out for my mom but there was no answer. I thought I could see a faint silhouette on the furthest couch which was by the window across the room. I called again with no answer, so I reached for the light and turned it on. No one was there except for me. I instantly felt fear come over me. I ran back down the hall to my parent’s room. When I looked in, my parents were in bed, fast asleep. I freaked out and ran into my room. I tried to wake up my sister but I couldn’t even get her to open her eyes! She was always a hard sleeper. So, instead I shoved myself beside her and pulled the covers over my head. Next thing I remember, is my mom waking me up for school but I was back in my bed. The thing is, the next day I didn’t remember any of it. I didn’t remember anything until it happened again. Each time it happened, it happened the same way. The scariest thing is…I couldn’t stop myself from getting out of my bed and repeating the same steps night after night.

Then one day during breakfast something triggered my memory and I mention something about it to my mom. She looked at me with a look of fear and astonishment…she finally admitted that it was happening to her. My mom was waking up in the middle of the night to a figure at her door. She thought it was either me or my sister. So, she would get up to see why we were up so late. She walked down the hall to the living room, she would see the light from the television but before she would get there, the room would be dark. Then she would turn on the light to see if anyone was there but the room was empty. Night after night for several weeks, it seemed that we were both experiencing the same thing. Then just as suddenly as it started…it all stopped or so we thought. What we didn’t know, was things were about to get even scarier…


2 thoughts on ““G” is for “Ghost Stories”

    • Yeah…Unfortunately, there’s lots more. It wasn’t any fun living it…that said…I stopped by your blog…I can’t wait to start reading your writings. Thanks for stopping by and commenting today Nancy! ~E

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