“E” is for Eating

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

It took me a while to figure out what to write about for today’s challenge the letter “E”.  For some reason, the letter “E” was not inspiring me like the other letters.  Then at dinner, it came to me “eating” starts with “E”.  Now, there is something I can write about…the art of eating.

As soon as I got the idea, I had to do a search on the internet to see what I could find on the “Art of Eating”.  Of course, I found books, magazines and blogs on the “Art of Eating.”  I was tempted to read a few articles but I didn’t want to taint what ever might come from my head on what the “Art of Eating” means to me.

I will admit that as a young child and then as a teen-ager, eating was not something I enjoyed.  In fact, in college I avoided eating.  I fought anorexia for a time but I am proud to say that I have overcome that illness.  Now, I enjoy all aspects of eating from preparing meals to the conversations that ensues during dinner.  I think that’s where the art of eating begins for me.

My fondest memories are from the “girls nights out” that we had every month when I was in my mid-twenties.  There were about ten of us girls, who would get together for our famous G.N.O.’s every month.  We planned each one weeks ahead. Which restaurant to go to, what menu we would choose, what wines to order, which house we could crash at for the night and who would be the designated driver for the night.  Every G.N.O. we expected to eat five to seven courses of food for dinner with wine.  I believe, that the art of eating comes from discovering new foods, enjoying every bite of food and the way it tastes, enjoying pairing the food with wine and then embracing the conversations and laughter that comes with dinner.  Enjoying the food together with friends or family.  I believe that it’s an art that is lost in the fast paced world we live in today, with its fast food, full schedules and lack of time.  All of this, makes it hard for us to really enjoy eating and allowing relationships to grow out of eating together…the “Art of Eating.”

dinner party


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