Dreams…What’s Yours?

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge)

Everyone has dreams.  Not just dreams of success or love but I’m talking about the kind of dreams that we dream at night.  Even if you don’t remember yours, you do dream every night.  Researchers say that we dream on and off for one and a half to two hours a night.  What most people don’t realize is that dreams are rarely literally but are mostly symbolic.  There are so many books, tapes and videos out there on the shelves on dreams.  If you do a search on the internet you’ll find websites that will help you interpret your dreams.  There are even classes that you can take to learn dream interpretation.  In fact, I’m trained in dream interpretation from a Christian perspective.  It’s been fun and interesting.  When people find out that I can interpret dreams they start to share their dreams, without any hesitation, to find out what their dreams might mean. Talk about an “ice breaker!”

In dream interpretation, we commonly look for themes and how they appear in a dream.  Just for fun, I’ll share a few common themes that I’ve learned to look for when I interpret dreams:

  1. Teeth  coming  lose  or  falling  out- needing advice
  2. Flying – high  creativity  and  destiny
  3. Naked  in  public- open  and  transparent
  4. Having  a  baby/being  pregnant- something  new
  5. Being  chased /running- have  something  good  to fulfill  but  being  stopped

These are just a few.  Learning to interpret dreams has been amazing.  It has help me unlock my own dreams and what they mean for me but what is even more amazing is helping others work through their dreams.

Remember, everyone dreams…what are your dreams telling you?



2 thoughts on “Dreams…What’s Yours?

  1. Can I tell you about the dream I had last night or would that be weird because I am a creepy blogosphere stranger.

    • Of course you can. It isn’t weird at all. If you don’t want to tell me here on blog, you can email me. I would be happy to hear your dream.

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