“Bow Ties Are Cool!”

This is the second day of the “A-Z April Blogging Challenge” and the letter is “B” so being a total action geek and fan of Doctor Who, I decided to write on bow ties and how “Bow Ties are Cool!”

“The bow tie is the most classic of all ties, the knot par excellence!”  The bow tie is a men’s necktie popularly worn with formal attire.  Today bow ties are mainly seen at “Red Carpet” events and formals such as weddings and proms.  Although, the original bow ties were always hand tied, there are now ready-tied bow ties available to make things easier for men today.  The distinctive bow is sewn into shape and the band around the neck is then secured with a clip.  No matter, how they’re used, I think you may agree that bow ties are sexy.  Thanks to Doctor Who, there is a resurgence of bow ties in everyday fashion.  It is definitely not just for the intellectual men like Urkel anymore.  Just look at these hot-ties…my favorite men in bow ties…beside my husband that is.

Johny Depp doctorwhofashion james bond in a bow tie handsome glamour sexy-bowties-17 Dr-No-Dinner-Suit-4


6 thoughts on ““Bow Ties Are Cool!”

  1. Hi Audrey! I know right? They are pretty hot! And really, Johnny Depp could make anything look good 😉 Thank you for stopping by…see you around the blog! ~E

  2. Great blog title and even better images of bow-tied men!

    Popped in from AtoZ challenge.


    • Thanks tvonzalez! I stopped by your blog…I like it! I love the picture of Javier Bardem…he’s awesome! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’ll be seeing you around the blog and during the challenge.~E

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