“Anyway” and “And”

Anyway, today begins the “A-Z April Challenge.”  And when I thought about what “A” word or topic I would try to write on…I kept coming back to writing a piece using the words “anyway” and “and” in the beginning of every sentence.  And just tossing proper grammar and English out the door.   And to add to the fun, I’m going to let my head spill out on paper.  Anyway, aren’t you excited?  And here we go!

Anyway, I’m sitting here watching the “Voice” on “Demand.”  And I thought, hey here is the perfect example of what happens when passion shows up in whatever you’re doing.  And I saw it, in the differences between in the singers auditioning for the “Voice.”  Anyway, if you’ve seen the “Voice”, undoubtedly you’ve seen the difference yourself between those who exude their passion in their performance vs those who don’t.  And I wondered is it as obvious in other areas of our lives?  And then I wondered, do I let that passion show in my writing?  And then I started thinking about my love for singing, would that be another passion that I would try to pick up again for the White Rabbit Project?  And then, I thought I should check my Facebook to see what my family is doing which is such an odd statement to say.  Anyway, don’t you hate how the number of “friends” on your Facebook goes up and down by two or more on a day-to-day basis and you don’t know why?  And do you ever think, who left and then check for who it might be and can’t figure out who it was?  Anyway, I do now and then.  And so, I wonder is Facebook just another way to torture ourselves with self-inflicted rejection when people don’t friend us or unfriend us?  Anyway, I’m just wondering.  And so for now, I think it’s time to end this torture for you and me…and get some morning coffee.



7 thoughts on ““Anyway” and “And”

  1. What a creative way to write this post! And I am completely guilty of noticing when someone stops following my blog and wondering if it was because they didn’t like something I wrote. I’m near you on the A-Z list and am so glad I stopped by. Happy Monday!

    • Thanks Sadaley88! Happy Monday to you too! Thank you for coming by, reading and commenting. I just visitied your blog and I loved your first article for the A-Z Challenge. I’ll be following along. See you around the blog. God Bless~E

  2. Thank you theinfoscouter! It’s been fun visiting other blogs and getting to read all the different writing out there. Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll see you around the blog! Bless you~E

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