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“Z” is for “Zero…My Hero”

“Z” is for “Zero…My Hero”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge) We made it!  Today is the last day of the A-Z April Blogging Challenge! Whether you liked what came out of it or not, it is a bitter-sweet ending for me.  Sweet because I was able to open up my mind and see what I was capable of…some pieces more “liked” … Continue reading

“Y”…is for Men (Y Chromosome)

“Y”…is for Men (Y Chromosome)

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge) You probably already know that when God created us, we (humans) were given 23 chromosomes that make up our genetic blue print.  One of those is the chromosome that will decide whether we’ll be female “x” chromosome or male “y” chromosome.  That one chromosome will lay the foundation for our hormonal … Continue reading


(A-Z April Blogging Challenge…”Xenophobia” A Fictional Short Story) It should have been another normal day, she thought as she tried to reposition herself. The restraints that confined her to the chair were getting uncomfortable. How long had she been there? She could hear people nearby. Why don’t they save me? Don’t they know I’m here? … Continue reading

“What Ever!”

It’s Friday! So I’m declaring it “What Evs” or “What Evers” Day! Which means that I am throwing caution into the wind again…and letting my quirky mind loose…again. Thinking about the letter “W” made me realize that some of my favorite movies, t.v. series, books and sayings actually begin with “W.” For instance, thanks to … Continue reading

Day 43…The View from Here

(Day 43 Synopsis~White Rabbit Project; A-Z April Blogging Challenge) On March 13th, I started a personal project called the White Rabbit Project. I wondered if I could find my passion or passions in life and make them part of my life in 365 days. Today is day 43 out of 365 days. While thinking about … Continue reading

One Pink Umbrella

One Pink Umbrella

Photo by (A-Z April Blogging Challenge) This photo of one pink umbrella among a sea of black umbrellas, caught my eye because it’s so simple yet beautiful. All I could do was gaze at it, as my mind started thinking about what it meant. It’s simplicity makes it capable of speaking a thousands words. … Continue reading

“S” is for “Smells”

We all know that we have five senses, sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell.  I think out of all the senses, smelling is the most powerful.  Haven’t you been so hungry, that the moment you smell anything frying, especially hamburgers, your mouth begins to water and your stomach starts to talk to you?  All from … Continue reading

“R” is for So Random

While thinking about the letter “r” and trying to think of what to write about, my mind kept coming up with the word “random.”. For me, the word “random” is what happens when I can’t think straight and I have “writer’s block.” My favorite thing to do when that happens is to sit and let … Continue reading

Finding the “Quietness”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge) If I think about being “quiet”, I automatically close my eyes and listen around me. Although, I’m quiet…I can hear my children playing and then my ears catch the sounds of the mail truck coming down our street. I can hear it stop at our mailbox, even though I can’t hear … Continue reading

Priceless Moments

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge) For a belated birthday gift, my closest friend treated me to a spa day. Although, she was there with me, I was able to get time to myself. So, I decided to sit in the outside soaking tub that they had at the McMenamins Grand Lodge. I go outside, the cool … Continue reading

“O” “Oh No You Didn’t!”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge) “Oh No You Didn’t!” She says with one hand on her hip, the other hand snapping twice in the air while waving her arm in a “z.” “Oh No You Didn’t” is something that we say in our family that makes us laugh at home but I use it a lot…in … Continue reading

…or “Not”

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge) I was going to tell you some funny nursing stories for the letter “N” but then my brothers insisted that I watch “Moneyball” tonight with them which inspired me to go in this direction instead. So, “N” is for “not”, as in this phrase, “pull the trigger…or not”, meaning do whatever … Continue reading

Momentous Moment

(A-Z April Blogging Challenge; Moment to Moment) “M” is momentous moments. Momentous is defined as having great meaning or lasting effect (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). I’ve noticed that “Momentous Moments” happen when you least expect it which makes them even more “momentous”. This “momentous moment” happened last Saturday. My two girls, my son and I decided to … Continue reading