Day 16…”All or Nothing” That’s Me!

Today, I’m fighting a head cold.  As I’m sitting here typing, my head is foggy. I have sinus pressure and can barely sit upright but despite feeling like this, it doesn’t seem to stop my head from wondering.  Which makes me feel like I have to get it written out.  Honestly, I’m asking myself  “Why am I sitting here? No one will know if I don’t write anything today.  Go back to bed!”  Yet, here I am.  So, I figure that this is part of how I express my passion.  Despite how I feel I still want to write.

My thoughts today:  Over the last several months, I have been on a journey where I have learned who I am versus what people tell me or think I am.  Part of what I learned is that I am an “All or Nothing Girl.”  What does that mean?  Well, it was my husband that first said that I am an “All of Nothing Girl.”  At first, I was not happy with being called that, but I now see what he means.  When I commit to something, I am all in and that means that I put every effort into what ever it might be.  That is probably why I hesitate to give commitment to anything because I weigh all the consequences, research if there is any proven success in whatever it is and I weigh out what kind of commitment it would involve from me because once I am in, I will see it to the end…unless you try to slow me down.  If I commit to something and I am in the zone, I will move quickly and tenaciously.  If you try to stop me, slow me down or there is a pause in time or process, I will lose momentum and just stop, not pause…S-T-O-P.  We’ve learned the hard way, that once I put something down or stop, it is practically impossible for me to pick it back up.  If I do, it could be a very, very, very long time before I do pick it back up.  It’s not right and definitely not pretty when it happens.

By the way, my husband says that these are examples of what makes me an “All or Nothing Girl” everyday:

If I cheat on my diet, I don’t just cheat a little. I say, “if I’m going to screw up. I’m going to screw up good!”  And I’ll eat not just a bite of cake but the whole entire cake.

If I work out, I work out hard and everyday but if I miss one day…I’ll miss the whole week.  (You get the picture)

With that in mind, this morning I came up with some reachable goals for my passion of writing.   My first goal is to write daily on this blog for the 365 days.  This will help me stay on track and give me a measurement of my commitment to writing.  Second goal is to finish at least two (out of three) of my writing projects that I started almost a year and a half ago.  This will push me to keep moving on projects and not lose momentum (I hope).  Lastly, I am still weighing this one out, I would like to say that another one of my goals is to publish one of my projects.  I am still praying, researching and trying to get past the road blocks in my head, for me to commit to that goal.  If that happens it will be on my goals for this project.  Even typing that out and reading it makes me nervous but I will commit to (at least) keep considering it as a goal.

I think that’s all for today…my head is not only full from sinus pressure, now I have all these thoughts in my head to contend with…Am I being realistic with those goals?  It sounded good before I started writing this morning.  We’ll see where I end up tomorrow.

To the void: Thanks again for stopping by…Happy Friday and have a Happy Easter!


(Day 16 Synopsis, White Rabbit Project)


3 thoughts on “Day 16…”All or Nothing” That’s Me!

  1. I think you are looking to soar high, with a spirit of excellency, and with your prayer life God is not going to let you down. I believe and feel like you are going to be a great conqueror, and raise high above all obstacles.
    Be blessed, Apostle’s Allan and Faith Tackett

    • Thank you Apostle Allan and Faith for your words of encouragement. I know that God has a plan and I look forward to seeing what happens. I will obey and follow as the Spirit leads. God Bless you both!~E

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