Day 13…Why do you blog?

With my iced coffee in hand and my breakfast of cold chicken, cheese and fruit by my side, I sit here at my computer thinking about what are the next steps for the “White Rabbit Project.”  Where to go from here?  Now that I’ve found my passion for writing, what would it look like if I were successful in writing.  What does that mean?  Better yet, what does that mean to me?  What is a reachable goal at the end of 365 days?  Why do I blog?

Looking around the blogging world, I see so many different kinds of writers, topics…anywhere from hobbies to marketing business…different layouts, writing styles…do I know what kind of writer I am?  Do other bloggers out there have a goal?  What is that goal?  What would they consider success?

I have close friend who is a blogger.  She has been blogging long before I even got the thought in my mind to start.  She began for one reason but it evolved into something else along the way.  I think most of us begin that way as novice bloggers.  I know this blog is always evolving and taking “a life of its own.”  Anyway, the other day my friend and I were talking, during our conversation I discovered a piece to my puzzle.  My friend is very intentional with her writing.  She has outlines and has in her mind what her pieces should look like when she is done.  I don’t…I’m more of a “cold” writer.  I sit in front of my computer or with a piece of paper and just begin to write.  I let my mind wander and let it spill out as I type or as I write it out on paper.  In high school, when they were trying to teach us how to use footnotes and references, I couldn’t write out the outline and do it the systematic way.  My mind couldn’t grasp it.  I had to write the paper first, cold, and then go back and pull out the references for footnotes.  It’s how my creative mind works.  I watch my daughters do the same thing when they write.

My daughters are home with me today because they have colds.  I woke up to the oldest one typing away at my computer working on her writings.  She and her sister, write like I do.  Which brought me to this question, “Is passion passed on from one generation to the next?”  If I took my family and asked that question, I would say “yes.”  Just like my children have my nose and my husband’s coloring, I can see that they all have my artistic traits and passion for writing, drawing and music with my son having my husband’s passion for baseball and football.  So, that posed this question, where does my writing passion come from?  I can’t say that my parents had that passion but I don’t know that for sure.  I never saw my mom or dad ever just sit down and write…so where did I get mine?

Again, more questions than answers this morning…but maybe today will be the day I will get some answers for my ever wondering mind.

To the void:  If I were writing a piece about bloggers, I would want to interview you to see if there are consistencies if any between bloggers.  If I could interview you to find answers.  I would ask you: Was you passion for writing something you developed or does someone before you have the same passion?  What are your goals for your blog or writings?  Do you blog purely for enjoyment?  Do you feel successful at your blog?  I know that I may not get any replies but I just want to send these questions out into the void.  If nothing else, to pose the question to you…”Why do you blog?”


Photo by Photo Public Domain


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