Where Everybody Knows Your Name

(Back story…How I Met Your Dad)

My life at home became tumultuous to say the least.  My current boyfriend and I were doing fine outwardly but I was sending out mixed signals because I was so confused in my head.  I thought I loved my current boyfriend but was I “in love” with him?  What did that really mean being in love with some one?  All of those thoughts were coming out in my actions everyday.  I was lukewarm one minute and then ice-cold the next.  How did I get here?

(If this was a movie, this would be part of the back story and flashback).  I divorced my first husband 6 months earlier and moved to Las Vegas on assignment.  I was a traveling nurse and my mission was to go everywhere hot since I grew up in one of the rainiest places on earth, Ketchikan Alaska.  I wanted to make up for all the vitamin D that I had missed over the first 24 years of my life.  Las Vegas was my second stop.

While I was there, I met two other traveling nurses at the hospital where I was assigned.  They were from Tennessee.  We became really good friends while we were in Vegas.  We also meet four gentlemen who would become a part of our “Brat Pack.”  We met them at TGI Fridays, where we hang out after work.  We were regulars and when one of us would walk through the doors the bartenders would yell our names and have our “usual” at the bar.  Seriously, it was like in the sitcom “Cheers.”  In fact, if someone was sitting in our usual seats the staff would move them because that was our spot.  Not right, but at our age (twenty something) it was awesome.  Our pack of “Friends” would go out for dinners, hang out by the pool, have huge parties or go out dancing every weekend.  The best thing about our pack was that we knew that we would be there for each other if anyone of us needed help.  We were family (in a sense) since none of us had real family in Vegas.


My current boyfriend wasn’t part of our pack.  He was five years younger than me and worked at the hospital where I was assigned.  He had long curly blond hair, tall and he looked like a surfer or young Christopher Atkins (Blue Lagoon).  At that same time, our “Brat Pack” started to fall apart.  We were completing our assignments at the hospital and us girls in the pack were going to move on to our next adventure.  My two friends from Tennessee went back home and I decided to move to Washington State.   My current boyfriend decided to move with me.  I had slipped from my divorce into another relationship and now, I was about to destroy that relationship for another.

If you could go back in time and change things, would you?  I think I would change a lot of things…this was one of them.


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