Day 8…Read…reread…and read again


I started blogging on the 8th of this month, one week ago I started my WR project and looking back, I can truly say that I am pleasantly surprised and excited for what’s ahead. I started blogging not knowing what to expect. I wasn’t confident starting something with no experience, in a world that seems so vast and overwhelming. Reading the blogs out there was entertaining and a bit frightening because of all the writers who are so amazing at what they publish for us to read. So many talented people, writing their experiences and passions in one place is nothing short of incredible. (I wouldn’t say it or write it…if I don’t mean it…it’s not who I am).

I’ve learned so many things over the last week about myself and blogging. I’ve learned that there are so many blog topics out there but there is always room for more. What you have to bring to the table maybe the same “subject” as another person but your personality, how you look at it, teach it, even learned it, is different from anyone else and what you write will connect with someone else out there. The blogging community is a good place to be, everyone has been encouraging and supportive of newbies like me. I’ve learned that if you write from your heart and with passion, it’ll show and people will respond to your passion. I’ve learned that for me, writing is cathartic. It has brought me joy and peace after a day of hectic everyday life. I’ve learned this lesson before but it’s worth mentioning, don’t get disappointed if your friends or family don’t “follow” you…it’s just the nature of things. I’ve learned that time and time again. You’ll get the most support and encouragement from those you just meet here in the blogging community than those that are close to you. It is what it is. Don’t get caught up in it because it doesn’t change…no matter what you may try (at least in my experience). I’ve learned that writing is best done in a quiet place where no one is around to distract you. I’ve learned to write while my family is at school or work or late at night. Find your quiet place and time, and schedule that time for yourself. I’ve learned to write, re-write, edit, re-edit then read…reread… and read again as much as you can before hitting the “publish button” but even then you’ll probably still find mistakes. I hope that gets better over time. Pictures are worth “a thousand words” and sometimes “less is more” when posting a piece and all of that was only in the first week.

I definitely can’t wait to see what the next several months will bring.

To the void (refer to “My Morning in ‘Wonder’ land” for my definition of void)…thank you for reading and listening. You have encouraged me (whether you know it or not.)

(Day 8 Synopsis, White Rabbit Project)


2 thoughts on “Day 8…Read…reread…and read again

  1. Welcome! I am so impressed by the look and feel of your blog, and cannot believe you are only 8 days in…congrats and great effort to you! The white rabbit project? Incredible! Found you on the a-z list, and love that it might be easy to ge caught up on your posts!

    • Hi Andrea! Thank you! I’m excited to see where this takes me and I am so grateful that I will be getting to know you (and other bloggers) through blogging. I’m loving it! Thanks again Andrea! I’ll see you on your site and on A-Z.

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