Can We Talk…

This week has been amazing and a bit challenging. It’s been one week since I started this journey and this blog. I’ve been trying to write about how amazing it has been this week but my mind just keeps drifting to these thoughts and questions…why do people say the things they do? Why do people talk and gossip about the life you lead when they have no idea about your life? Why do people think that you will never hear what they say about you? The truth is, it always gets back to the person they’re talking about…always.

If people knew that everything they said could be and will be heard by everybody…and I mean everybody…would they still say it? Would they still say the things they say about you or me? If they knew that we could hear every word…would people still gossip? My theory is, I don’t think they would…because most people are braver in the dark than in the light. Then again, there are those people who live to spread lies, even if they know what the truth is. Would they stop?

I guess, that’s all I need to say about that…well, except for this…what they don’t know is, I am way tougher than they think.


Psalm 35: 1-9.


2 thoughts on “Can We Talk…

  1. I am always intrigued by why someone tells someone else something unpleasant that has been said…especially when they claim they are sharing to be a good friend…um, no you are making somebody feel badly! (I do realize there are times people need to be informed for their own good)

    • I know right? I don’t understand that part of human nature (unfortunately, it seems to be us females that are the worst at it). I’ve learned just this year what the term “frienamy” really means. Ugh!

      Thank you Andrea for coming by and leaving a comment. See you on A-Z in April? In the meantime, I’ll be stopping by and saying “hi” on your site soon. Blessings to you… E

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