I’m in Deep Trouble

(How I Met Your Dad…part 3)

After our lunch that day, we didn’t see or speak to each other for about a week.  Which was fine with me because I was still trying to cope with “the kiss.”  I have never felt anything like that before.  Is that what they mean when they say in the movies, “when we kissed, there were fireworks”?  I began thinking and wondering, could this be the one?  You know the “one”, my “one true love.”  How could I even think that with one kiss, one lunch…a lunch where I thought he was “a little bit of a dork.”  When he did call again, I had already decided that I should meet him and tell him that we shouldn’t see each other again.  After all, I was still in a relationship with another good man and he was trying to get out of a really messed up relationship with another woman.  We decided that he would pick me up after work and we could go out for breakfast.

That morning after my shift he picked me up at the ER entrance.  I had changed clothes and I freshened up my make up.  After a night shift, it’s tough to look fresh but I tried my best.  While I was getting ready, I found myself getting excited to see him which I found absolutely obnoxious because I felt like a little school girl waiting to walk home with my school crush.  This was just not what I wanted or expected.

He took me to Beth’s Cafe in Seattle.  If you have ever been to Beth’s you know that it’s a hole in the wall café with awesome food, made famous by its huge 12 egg omelets featured in Man vs. Food…so it was perfect for a “I never want to see you again” talk. We sat in a booth across from the kitchen.  All I remember is the big plates of food and how nauseated I felt.  Was I nervous?  No, but my stomach was in knots.  If I found the chance, I would’ve thrown up just to stop the nausea and I hate to throw up.  I was acting like a teenager fawning over the football player sitting across the lunchroom table.  I was thoroughly irritated but I couldn’t stop myself.

The next thing I knew I was spending the morning with him, just talking and laughing.  He drove me home, we kissed and I never said anything about not seeing each other.  I knew then that I was in deep trouble.  I had crossed over and given into the feelings and strange emotions that I had all morning long.  I was sinking fast.  I knew I was in deep, deep trouble.

(To be continued)



2 thoughts on “I’m in Deep Trouble

    • Thank you for stopping by, reading it and “liking” it. Sometimes the most interesting stories is the stuff we live out everyday. I hope you’ll come back to hear “the rest of the story.” Thanks again Happenstance.

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