My Morning in “Wonder” land

As I’m sitting here at my computer, trying to chug down my coffee, eat my breakfast and get ready to go into the office, I started to wonder about the last couple of days, this blog and the journey I’m on to find my passion.  I wondered, once you find what your passions are or passionate for and you master them, will you find success?  Are there people out there who truly devote there time and energy into their passions and not feel successful?  Are they looking for success or does it find them?   If you are truly passionate at or for something, would it matter if you were successful?  I guess, that would depend on your individual definition of “successful.”  What would be my definition of successful?  At the end of 365 days, what would that look like if I was successful in finding my passion?   These are things that I’m going to seek answer for…while all the while trying to step closer to finding my passion and making it my life (not in an obsessive way but not to ignore it either).

I just had to share those thoughts with you and get it out there into the void.

By the way, in my head, the void is this black area of space, filled with people that come by and read my pieces but I never really see their faces or know them personally.  Some days there could be a lot of people and some days it’s just one but I hope there is at least some one who will come by and visit…and enjoy listening to my head as much as I like writing the stuff from my head out on paper.


Blog response: I want to say....

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