Day 2

I was busy again all day yesterday. Since my children had the day off from school, we spent it together. We mainly stayed home but it was a good time, relaxing with my family is always a good thing.

As I laid down late last night before falling asleep, I came up with a couple of realizations for myself. The first one is that not all days are going to be filled with great inspiring moments. Let’s face it, 365 days is a long time and not all of those days are going to be epic. In fact, most days probably won’t be but I hope for all of our sakes I have more epic days than not. And two, I needed to get more clarity on how I was going to get to my goal. Although, I have done major projects in the past and I know the steps to successfully getting projects done and reaching cooperate goals, I needed to somehow translate that into my personal goals. And three, I can’t write well with my husband home. My children seem to understand what I am doing but I don’t think my husband actually does. Not that he doesn’t support me in what I do, it’s just hard for him to see me sitting at my desk writing or typing for long periods of time and I am still trying to find a schedule that will work for me and my household.

So, where did I begin? I researched online. I looked for an article or book that would help me organize my thoughts so that I can be successful in my ultimate goal of finding my true passion or passions in life (besides my family and God). Again, there is a ton of information out there but after looking, reading and skimming over articles and book covers I came upon these words of advice that really seemed to have the substance and guidance I needed. (By the way, I am not big into recreating the wheel so if someone has done it before and succeeded I’m going to use it). The article is called “Seven Steps to Reaching Your Goals.”

Step 1. Express your goal in terms of specific events or behaviors.

Step 2. Express your goal in terms that can be measured.

Step 3. Assign a timeline to your goal.

Step 4. Choose a goal you can control.

Step 5. Plan and program a strategy that will get you to your goal.

Step 6. Define your goal in terms of steps.

Steps 7. Create accountability for your progress towards your goal.

This is from Dr. Phil (I know right…I didn’t think I would ever use his advice, I don’t even watch his show but here it is, I am using these steps for now.) This is on his website. The article is sitting under the heading Life Strategies.

So, here is my plan for today. I am going to look at the steps more closely, at least the first two and contemplate more on the questions that I have posed myself. Wish me luck.


(Day 2 synopsis, White Rabbit Project)


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