I Can Wear T-shirts Again!


Here is my disclaimer: I write these pieces to share what has worked for me as far as products and things, known and unknown in hopes that you won’t waste time or money as I have done in the past.  It may work for you or it may not but these tidbits are worth sharing so you can at least try it for yourself.  So, here we go…

Have you ever suffered with the over production of sweat especially under the arms…so much so that you couldn’t wear t-shirts or other tight shirts without a jacket or sweater?  Or have you ever wondered when will I be able to wear white shirts again without having stain marks?  Unfortunately, I’ve been there done that…bought the t-shirt (although I couldn’t wear it without being worried about being embarrassed about sweating too much).  Here’s a trick that I actually paid for but it was worth every penny because I am so happy to say that I can wear what ever I want and not worry about sweating too much.  It’s simple and that’s another reason why this is so awesome!

You’ll need a loofah and a small towel.  The reason most of us sweat so much from our armpits is because of all the products we’ve used over the years.  The soaps and deodorants block the pores causing more problems because our body is trying to compensate for not being able to essentially breath.  The more we get nervous the worse the sweating gets.

So here is the treatment, you need to remove the blockage.  While bathing, take the loofah and gently scrub under your armpits, ten times each arm pit then use the small towel to help remove any residue.  Refrain from using soap under your armpits.  If you have to use deodorant, try an all natural non-comedogenic (won’t block pores) deorderant.  I’ve found that “Herbal Magic” work best for me.  And that’s it…really, that’s all it is.

I hope that if you are suffering with this problem in particular, that you’ll please try it and see if it will help you.


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