Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of 365 days to finding my passion. Unfortunately, I was busy most of the day.  I started working for my husband, as the office manager the day before so I busy re-organizing the existing files and developing systems to keep things running more efficiently for most of day.  Then it was off to my next job as mom and manager of house.  Which by the way, has fallen a little bit by the way side.  I need to catch up on the house work thing.  So, I had little time to contemplate about too much more than “what’s next on my list to do?”   But in the back of mind I was always thinking about the question, “what is my passion?”  Which only morphed into several other questions such as….What does it mean to have passion for something?  What is passion?  Does passion feel the same for all of us or different for each of us?  Is passion fleeting as my husband believes or is there a true passion that lasts forever?  Essentially, I came away from the day with more questions than answers but I suppose it’s a starting point.  Where to go from here?

In pursuit of passion, I decided to do a little bit of research on what other people found in their pursuit of passion.  What I discovered is that there are a lot of books and videos on finding your passion but in terms of finding it in work or as a career.  There was hardly anything about finding your true passion.  (Of course, I have to do more research because I don’t think my hour before bed was enough to confidently make that statement.) Everything seemed to gravitate towards careers and I will admit that is where I started thinking about passion. If I can say one thing that I have discovered on the first day of this journey is that I think the first and the most important thing I’m searching for is what is my true passion?  I don’t think, although I’m not sure, that the people I admire started thinking what do I do that can make me tons of money…do you?  Take Julia Child (again), she was asking what could she do while they were living in Europe and her husband was working in government.  She didn’t want to go back into government so she set out to find “something to do.”  She eventually found her passion for food and eating.  I love food and eating too but I don’t think it’s my passion.  I don’t get the overwhelming emotions that I think come with passion but I think Julia did.  She didn’t set out to master cooking for a career.  She set out to learn something she loved.

Although, I’m not any closer to finding my answers at least I now know what is the true goal…I want to find my true passion.  Every good project has to have a specific goal…is this one specific enough?  We’ll have to see what happens today as I continue to pursue passion.

(Day 1 synopsis, White Rabbit Project)


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