And then…there’s that!

(How I Met Your Dad…Part 2)

When he gave me his number, it was his pager.  Back in the 1990’s instead of everyone having a cellphone, pagers were common.  We were also in the healthcare field and having a pager of our own was not unusual.  It’s what he said after he gave me his number, that was a little bit shocking.  He says, “Here’s my pager.  It’s hard to explain but I still live with my ex-girlfriend an…”  I begin to laugh hysterically, interrupting him in mid-sentence.  I start to explain that I am currently living with someone as well and I give him my pager number.  Remember, the plan that my friend and I had devised a week earlier was, I was supposed to get to know him and then set them up.  So, I was still thinking that this little exchange was harmless.   I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days and I actually forgot about the whole thing.  Then, after getting report for the night and before starting my patient rounds, my pager goes off and I recognize the number as an extension within the hospital.  I call back and it was him.  We talked a little bit about the most recent surgery patient and the problems they had during the case before he asks to go to lunch that Friday.  I agree since I was off that day.  I honestly thought to myself, “okay get this over with, get them hooked up and I’m done with my good deed for the year.”  Silly me…

We meet in Kirkland at the Beach Cafe on the waterfront.  It’s a beautiful day and it’s mid-summer.  It is so warm that everyone is outside enjoying the heat and sun.  I am wearing white shorts and a striped t-shirt with Keds.  I arrive fashionable late so he is already seated inside the restaurant when I get there.  When he stands to greet me, I notice how tall he is and that day his eyes were a brilliant green.  “Okay…he’s kind of cute.”  Then I catch myself, “what am I thinking?”  As we sit down and order our lunches, he starts talking and we are now deep in conversation about his ex-girlfriend, what happened and why he still lives with her.  As he’s keeps talking, I think, “okay you’re a little bit of a dork” and thank goodness my mission is to get you hooked up with my friend.

After lunch, he walks me outside.  Just as I’m about to say something about my friend, he asks if I want to take a walk on the nearby pier on the waterfront.  I sigh and reluctantly agree.  I thought, this would give me a better chance of mentioning my friend without it looking too “weird.”  If that was even possible at this point.  We actually had a good time on our walk.

It’s now time to leave because we both had “other” things to get to and I have not yet said one word about my friend.  He walks me to my car and as I turn to say thank you…(Dun Dun Duuuunnn!) you guessed it, we KISS!  But it’s what happens during the kiss that changes the course of my life forever.  As soon as his lips touched mine, I felt a strange sensation that started in my lower back like a thunder bolt but at the same time it left chills all up and down my back and neck.  I pull away quickly.   “What just happened?!”  He opens my car door, I get inside and we wave good bye.  I sat there in the driver’s seat, staring at the steering wheel for a long time before I actually started my car to pull out of the parking lot.  As soon as I pulled out into traffic and regained my composure…I say out loud, at the top of lungs…

“And then…there’s that!”

(To be continued)



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