White Rabbit

Fender: “You know, Rodney, even though you had a discouraging day, remember, (cheerful) there’s another one coming tomorrow.” ~ Robots, the movie (2005). I love that movie with all its’ quirky dialog.

Today, wasn’t exactly discouraging but it was definitely interesting.  I am starting a part time job working for my husband in the office.  It’s going to be fine but today was a test of patience.  I like organizing, developing systems that will help things work more efficiently.  I like routine, consistency and I learn quickly.  So, when I have to slow down…it drives me a bit bonkers!  I hate wasting time but I know that this too will pass.  Deep breath!  Now, on to funnier things.

(Subject change) So last night, I was thinking about another movie that I had recently watched, “Julia & Julie.”  I don’t know about you…but sometimes…okay, okay…for me, many times movies give me little nuggets of inspiration.  I grew up watching Julia Child cooking on t.v.  I had no idea that she was in her 50’s when she started filming her cooking series and that her book was published when she was 49 years old.  Up until now, I was thinking that I must be crazy because at age 46, I am totally changing careers and changing it big!  Then, I see this movie and I do some reading about Julia on my own. Julia Child had a deep passion for cooking and eating…and she went after her passion.  So, it made me question what is my passion?

Then, that made me think…could I find my passion?  Could I do find my passion in a year?  Do I have one or do I have more than one passion? Could I make that passion something that I can do for the rest of my life?

Remember this quote? “Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” – Harvey MacKay.  The original quote is from Confucius.  By the way, on September 21, 2010 Forbes put out an article saying that the quote is “bad career advice.”  It’s an interesting article.  I don’t necessarily agree with it but it’s a good article.  I think that passion and love are two totally different things. My husband and I got into a discussion over the differences and it was obvious that we don’t agree on the meaning of the two words.  Which made me think that passion really depends on who we are…

So, I decided that I am going to take this year, 365 days to find my passion and find some answers to who I am and what that word..”passion” really means.  Tomorrow will be day 1.

This is my “white rabbit.”


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