Sock bun for hair

Okay ladies…have you ever wondered does the sock bun trick for curls really work? Or have you ever wondered how to get a perfect bun with little effort? Or wondered, can I get perfect curls without using heat?  Well, I didn’t think it was possible but I saw this trick on Pinterest and it really works.  I used it on my daughters first and the results were amazing.  They loved it!  They are always asking if we can do the sock bun thing at night so that they can have curly hair in the morning.  It’s pretty easy and once you’ve done it a couple of times the bun looks great for a daytime look.

I will try to explain it step by step here and I will post the link at the end so that you can watch it being done by someone else on Youtube. And really if you do an internet search, you’ll find tons of pictures to help you.  I just won’t be able to post any pictures here…yet… I have to take them first.

Anyway first, you will need an abandoned sock.  You know…one of the ones in the missing pair bin in your closet (aren’t you excited…they now have a great use!).  Take one of the socks, depending on how big you want your bun and what your end goal will be…are you wanting curls for the morning or a bun for the daytime… will depend on how long or how thick of a sock you’ll choose.  For instance, for longer or thicker hair you will want something like a knee sock or one side of a pantyhose to get your hair completely in the sock.  If your hair is shorter and you want a fuller look you’ll want something like a wool sock to make it appear thicker.

Also, consider color if you are going for a daytime look.  You’ll want to choose something close to your own hair color…that’s when my husbands old dress socks come in handy.  And yes, they are clean socks.

  1. Once you’ve chosen your appropriate sock, cut off what used to be the toes of your sock or the closed end of the sock.
  2. Now roll the sock so that it looks like a doughnut.
  3. Pull your hair back into a ponytail.  If you are using this for a daytime look, you will need to decide where you want your bun to land (so to speak)…up high or lower by the nape of your neck.  ***If you’re doing this to curl your hair, you’re hair should be damp (not dripping wet, damp) before putting into a high pony tail.  I say high pony tail because you want the curls to start as high up on your crown as possible.  Besides, it makes it easier to sleep with it up higher.  Especially if you like sleeping on your back.***
  4. Then take the sock doughnut and start wrapping your hair from the end of your ponytail around the sock bun.  As you begin to wrap, start spreading the hair as you wrap.  Be sure that the hair is straight between your ponytail and sock so as you are wrapping the hair isn’t bunching up.  If it does, you will need to start over because it won’t sit correctly once you’re done.
  5. Once all your hair is wrapped into the sock bun, you’ll notice that it will be pretty secure and you may not have to do anything else to it to keep it in place.  If you want you can put one or two bobby pins in just to be sure.
  6. If you are using it for curls, just go to bed and in the morning unroll the sock.  You should have beautiful curls that will last all day.  You can use hairspray to be sure they last.  If you are doing this for a daytime look, you can add ribbon around the bun for an added flair but once you have your bun completed you should look fabulous and ready for the day.

The link for the YouTube video tutorial is

You’ve got to try it and see.

(Now, don’t try this on a day you’re running late and you haven’t practiced it yet because you’ll be frustrated if you do.  Although it’s easy once you get the hang of it…it does take a little practice.)

Have fun! You look fabulous!


©Original Artwork/Design by Just a Thought 201231


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